5 Facts you should know about the Hermitage Museum

The State Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg is the biggest museum in Russia. It is very popular among tourists especially in summer. Here’s a list of 5 Facts you should know about the Hermitage Museum before attending it.

1.There are more than one entrance!

If you book a tour, like our Hermitage skip-the-line tour, the admission to the museum is scheduled. You will be met at your hotel and escorted to the museum. The admission to the Hermitage in this case is mainly from the embankment. This is where you have wheelchair ramps and fewer visitors to pass by.

There is another entrance – from the main gates at the Palace Square where the main queue builds. It is the admission for individual visitors with no tours arranged.

The third entrance you may notice is the one for the visitors with internet vouchers. It is organized for travelers who booked the Hermitage ticket online. You can not reschedule it or change on the spot. During the spring/summer season the line of visitors waiting to enter the Hermitage there is almost the same as at the gates to the main entrance.

2. Impressionists’ Collection is not in the Winter Palace.

About 10 years ago the collection of French Impressionists was moved to the building across the Palace Square – the General Staff Building. It was definitely an act of improvement because the new gallery is spacious and designed to complement the paintings. You can take your time looking around there and enjoy the Impressionists’ collection to the fullest extent.

If you need to include the Impressionists in your Hermitage tour, just notify, and we’ll do it.

3. Visa-Free visit of the Hermitage for cruise travelers.

From May to October you may visit St Petersburg visa-free as a cruise traveler. If you are coming to Russia on a cruise ship, please apply for your visa-free stay 3 days ahead of the tour.

As soon as we receive the required details, the tour to the Hermitage will be scheduled. Meet your guide and driver at the port terminal. Together you will drive to the Hermitage museum and have a three-hour comprehensive tour. Please note, after the tour it is our obligation to escort you back to the ship. You can not stay in the museum on your own.

4. Hermitage Theatre has a separate entrance.

If you booked a ticket to the Swan Lake along with the Hermitage Tour, please note, the admission to the theatre is not from the Winter Palace or Palace Square. The Hermitage Theatre has a separate entrance from the Neva river (Palace embankment 34). The best way to get to the theatre on time is to take taxi or transfer with us.

5. The Hermitage is accessible for the wheelchair users.
Elnara Zeitullaeva
Elnara Zeitullaeva

Being the biggest museum in Russia the Hermitage welcomes travelers with any walking abilities including the strollers and wheelchair travelers.

The museum entrance is equipped with ramps. As soon as you enter it there is an escalator to help you go up the stairs to the main ticket control. Elevators on each floor inside let you see everything with no difficulty.

This was a list of 5 Facts you should know about the Hermitage Museum before attending it. We highly recommend visiting the museum and witness the numerous European art masterpieces it stores.

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