Saint Petersburg: 7 Reasons to Visit

Saint Petersburg highlights


Saint Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Its remarkable architectural ensembles and marvels of landscape art, bridges, granite embankments, outstanding engineering structures, monuments, and works of sculpture enjoy well-deserved fame. Unlike many other prominent European cities, Saint Petersburg is a vast complex of architectural ensembles that form an outspoken system with their squares, streets, embankments, and parks.

Neva river

The mouth of the Neva river was chosen as the location of Russia’s new capital. Neva’s embankments are lined with the most exceptional architectural ensembles. As the main waterway of the city, Neva played a significant role in its development, witnessing many significant pages of its history. It is difficult to imagine the city without the beautiful Neva, sung and praised by poets, artists, and composers.

Museums of Saint Petersburg

There are more than 200 museums and their branches in Saint-Petersburg. Saint Petersburg’s museums offer their visitors a unique opportunity to behold works of art from around the world and get acquainted with masterpieces of different eras, from figurines and primitive weapons of the Stone Age to the magnificent paintings by the French Impressionists. To see the treasures of the state Hermitage and the Russian Museum with their extensive collections of paintings and sculptures, we recommend to book a few days at least, also allocating enough time for a trip to the picturesque suburbs of St. Petersburg: Pushkin, Peterhof, and Tsarskoye Selo.

Drawbridges of Saint Petersburg

The true glory of Saint Petersburg reveals itself only with the water views. A ride on a river tram is never boring or trivial. You can enjoy the coolness of a light breeze or entertain yourself by counting the city’s ducks you meet on your way. You will be surprised by the city’s looks, completely different when seen from the water; it seems to be standing on a pedestal of its granite embankments.

White nights

Romantic nighttime dates and walks through Saint Petersburg in bright light? This is possible only during the white nights. A local belief, yearly confirmed by fact, is that the season of white nights in Saint Petersburg is the best time to travel to this northern city.


This suburb is sometimes called the capital of fountains. It is the largest fountain ensemble in Europe: four huge cascades and almost 150 fountains are spread over an area of 48 km2. It’s better to book an entire day for a trip here.

Restaurants and cuisine

The city’s numerous restaurants offer genuine noblemen’s food. However, this does not mean that nothing else is available. While on vacation in St. Petersburg, you can visit places that serve cuisines of the world such as Japanese, Italian, or Georgian.

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