Accessible tour in St Petersburg

Red Sun Tours provides accessible tours for wheelchair travelers in St Petersburg and Moscow. The accessible tours we run are flexible in itinerary and may contain any museums upon request.

Accessible tours are recommended for the following travelers categories:

  • Mobility impaired visitors
  • Wheelchair users
  • Scooter users
  • Elderly travelers

Red Sun Tours advantages for wheelchair users:

  • Our car park consists of minivans with elevators installed.
  • Each minivan is equipped with an emergency kit.
  • You may include a “carer” in the service. No matter if your wheelchair has electronic engine or it is hand-driven, we will help you enjoy the tour.
  • We provide access to the museum ramps. In each museum you visit there will be no obstacles to go into.
  • All accessible tours we run are private. There will be only you, our driver and a guide on tour. It will let you enjoy the tour at your own pace.

Please take a look at our Accessible Shore Tour of St Petersburg. It may be a sample itinerary to follow. If you are coming for one or three day stay, we will customize the tour.

Booking a tour, please notify us in advance, so we could arrange your tour the best way possible.

Be part of wheelchair community and join us on the Accessible Travel Forum!

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