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Two Day All Highlights of St Petersburg Tour

Two Day All Highlights of St Petersburg Tour

Two Day All Highlights of St Petersburg Tour

Tour information:

This Two Day All Highlights of St Petersburg Tour is a comprehensive itinerary of all the must-see museums in St Petersburg. It includes all TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet top 10 attractions. Among them are the Hermitage Museum, Peter and Paul Fortress, Catherine Palace, Peterhof Gardens, St Isaac’s Cathedral, Our Savior on Blood Cathedral.

Tour inclusions:

  • Professional guide
  • Private Transfer
  • Second day lunch
  • All museums tickets
  • Photo permissions

Inside visits:

  • Catherine Palace
  • Peterhof Palace and Gardens
  • Faberge Museum
  • Our Savior on Blood Cathedral
  • Hermitage Museum
  • Yusupov Palace

Tour itinerary:

Day 1 

09:00  Meeting at the ship/hotel

09:00 : 10:00   Drive to Tsars’ Village (Tsarskoye Selo)

10:00 : 12:00  Tour of Catherine Palace including the Amber Room; a walk in the park

12:00 : 13:00  Drive to Peterhof

13:00 : 15:00  Lunch. Walk in the Peterhof Lower fountain park and the Upper gardens

15:00 : 16:00  Drive back to St. Petersburg

16.00 : 17.00  Faberge Museum Tour

18:00   Return to the ship/hotel

19.00   Evening options

Day 2

08.30 -meeting at the ship/hotel

08.30 – 10.15 – City sightseeing tour. Subway ride.

10.30 – 11.00 – Church on Spilled Blood

11:15 : 13:15   Walk on the Palace Square. Tour of the Hermitage Museum including the Winter Palace

13:15 : 14:15   coffee/tea break

14:30 : 16:00  Tour of Yusupov Palace

17:00   Onboard the ship/return to the hotel


  • Flexible programme. You may exclude or add any museums you like
  • Private tour. There will be you and your guide only
  • Skip-the-line admissions. You don’t need to queue. All tickets will be already reserved.
  • Visa support for cruise travelers
  • Comfortable transfer

Payment information :

You can pay online on our website or on the spot before the tour starts.

Cancellation policy:

If you or any other member of your party decides to cancel your confirmed booking you must notify us in writing. All payments are fully refundable 72 hours prior to the date of your tour; payments are non-refundable within 72 hours prior to the date of your tour. In case of no-show, no refund is granted.

Tour details

Day 1 of Two Day All Highlights Itinerary

Our Two Day All Highlights tour starts with a hotel or cruise port pickup. Please note, if you are a cruise traveler, you need to send an application for a blanket visa via our contacts . You will be met by our guide with a Red Sun Tours or your name sign. In a comfortable mini-van or car you will drive to the Tsars’ Village.
Catherine Palace and the Amber Room in the Tsars’ Village is a true travelers magnet. It attracts millions of tourists from all over the world and now you have a chance to visit it as well. Catherine Palace works till late in the evening and it is advisory to visit the palace and gardens in the afternoon so you will have enough time to walk around.

As soon as we get to Peterhof, we’ll have lunch in a local restaurant before visiting the Peterhof Fountains.

peterhof tour
Peterhof Palace

Peterhof Palace and Fountains – a true Wonder of the World You will visit the Oak library in the Peterhof Palace and walk in the Fountain gardens. It is a breathtaking experience. You can also book the Peterhof Tour separately.

When the Peterhof tour ends, we’ll drive to the Faberge Museum – a collection of fine jewelry and exquisite eggs embroidered with gold and diamonds. Faberge Eggs are incredibly rare and expensive. They were made as a gift to the royal Romanov family but after the 1917 revolution scattered all over the world. These days the biggest part of Faberge collection is back in St Petersburg. We highly recommend visiting it.

Day 2 of Two Day All Museums itinerary

The second day of our Two Day All Highlights program will be fully dedicated to the St Petersburg Cathedrals and the city center including a local metro ride.

The city center tour starts with a general overview including a visit to Peter and Paul fortress.

Peter and Paul fortress.

Peter and Paul Fortress

Peter and Paul fortress is the cradle of St Petersburg. This is where it all started. Eventually the fortress became a political prison and now it’s surrounded with multiple exciting legends.

There you will also see the Peter and Paul Cathedral. It is 122 meters high, so you can see it from almost every point in the city. The Peter and Paul Cathedral is a burial vault of the Royal Romanov family. You can see there the remains of Peter the Great, Catherine the Great, Nicholas II and many more. You can also book the St Peter and Paul Cathedral Tour separately. (the cathedral visit is optional).

Our Savior on Blood Cathedral

The tour continues with a visit to Our Savior on Blood Cathedral – a fascinating example of “Russian Style” architecture. It is so unusual and attractive most pictures and postcards you buy include this gorgeous cathedral.

athedral on Blood
Cathedral on Blood

Sadly the story of Our Savior on Blood is tragic. It was built on the spot of Alexander II assassination. During the Soviet Period it became a vegetable warehouse.

The Hermitage Museum

When the Our Savior on Blood cathedral is covered you will visit the Hermitage Museum. Going to the Hermitage in the afternoon is very comfortable, since the majority of travelers visit it in the morning. You don’t have to queue then. Hermitage is a #1 attraction in Russia. It is a museum of millions paintings. Some of them date back thousands of years. Others are relatively new but no less valuable. We are thrilled to show you the paintings by Leonardo Da Vinci and the famous Danae by Rembrandt.

Yusupov Palace Tour

Finally, you will visit the Yusupov Palace. Yousupov Palace is probably the best example of noble family lifestyle in Russia. It is unbelievably rich with decorations and no less with legends and mysterious stories. One of the biggest mysteries was Rasputin. Visit the Yousupov Palace and learn what actually happened the night of Rasputin’s death.

In the evening you will have a chance visit one of the best folk shows in St Petersburg – Bagatitsa (it is optional and not included in the regular price). You can book it separately on RUSSIAN FOLK SHOW BAGATITSA but in a tour combination it will be cheaper because you won’t need a separate transfer.

Welcome to St Petersburg!

Wonderful 2days private tour in St.Petersburg and an evening ballet arranged by Elena  

We were on a Baltic princess cruise June1-11,2019 and were worried about getting a Visa if We booked a private tour in St.Petersburg as warned by the Princess officials.
Elena Semenova and Igor made our 2 days in St.Petersburg comfortable,smooth and safe with a personal touch.
According to me and my wife these 2 days were the Crown of the whole trip and her arrangements were perfect and we were accompanied by another similar professional Fun loving couple from Rio.
Much cheaper and comfortable than the 30 person tour by bus offered by princess cruises..
She also could squeeze us past long queues where cruise arranged tourists had to wait.
Moreover,She changed the 5th June trip to Catherine Palace was closed to tourists as President Putin with other dignitaries were to attend.We went there on the 6th.June.
On my request Elena also arranged an evening riverboat cruise not in the original itinerary.
Unlike others,no advance payments were demanded before the evening of June 5.
My advise to other cruise guests is to blindly book your St,Petersburg trip with Red Sun Tours and enjoy your trip with the lovely owner Elena Semenova.

The best tour I have ever taken!  

Through a friend I was given the name of this tour company and as we booked the cruise late I knew I needed a tour to have a Visa so I booked it. Immediately I knew I had made an excellent choice, as the emails I received were professional, helpful and timely. My expectations were fairly high and the actual tour exceeded all my expectations. We were met as soon as we got off the ship and Elena Semenova greeted us warmly. The two day private tour with Elena and our driver were the best two days of touring I have ever had in all my travels. We have been to over 20 cpu tries and St Peters urban is my favorite place of all. If you want to see everything g and have an expert guide who is as nice as can be you need to use Red Sun. All their guides and drivers are great. They are knowledgeable, friendly, as well as professional. It truly felt like we were just visiting and sightseeing will an old friend. In fact we now are thinking of planning another trip just to St Petersburg to see more and use Red Sun again. If you ever travel to Russia use this great company!

2 day(s)
48 hours
  • This tour includes
    • Professional guide
    • Private Transfer
    • Second day lunch
    • All museums tickets
    • Photo permissions


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