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Russian Folk Show «Bagatitsa» is exactly what you have come to see in Russia. It is a show full of energy, traditional singing and dancing. Unlike other folk shows it still has an authentic vibe. The origin of this performance goes back in history to the Cossacks traditional entertainment.

Cossacks – an independent military society which was protecting Russian borders in the south for centuries. They had their own local government, traditions, rituals and songs. This is why their temperament, brave daring, folk humor, colorfulness inspired to create an entire show based on Cossack lifestyle.
The show is perfect for a first-time visit and definitely a must-see for family travel.  It is also highly recommended for cruise travelers and we escort them back to the ship when Bagatitsa show ends.

The show takes place in two venues – in the Nicholas Palace or in the House of Countess Panina depending on date. It is available from May to October.
Each show scene is a portrait of Cossacks real life, told in a song or shown in dance. Bylins and thoughts, love and passion, excellent execution – all this is shown in a modern, understandable to any spectator performance.

Bagatitsa show has two 45 min acts with a glass of champagne and snacks with caviar in between.

Discover the “mysterious Russian soul” on one of the best folk shows in Russia – Bagatitsa.

If you want to see more of a Russian culture and traditional dance, take a look at our Russian ballet It is another iconic genre Russians excelled. You will see the Swan Lake and other shows which to the day are a must-see.

Another great opportunity to discover authentic Russian traditions is book a home dinner with a local family

1 day(s)
2 hours
  • This tour includes

    A visit to Bagatitsa show

    A caviar snack

    A glass of champagne

  • The itinerary of the tour

    For cruise travelers: meet your guide at the port termitanl and get transfer to the show venue and back after the show

    For travelers who visit St Petersburg on their own: you can book this tour as private and get hotel transfer or visit the how on your own booking just a ticket.


  • Tour price includes

    The price is different for three types of services:

    • Separate ticket to the show
    • Ticket + transfer
    • Visa-Free support + ticket + transfer


    Bagatitsa show is the most affordable Folk show in the city! Get your ticket for the best price and get a show+snacks+champagne!

PLEASE NOTE: According to the Russian Federation Law, all cruise ship passengers, staying in Russia for up to 72 hrs, do not need a Russian visa if they book the tour with us. We will legally provide you with an officially authorized document (Tour Ticket or Blanket Visa) which is considered a Russian visa equivalent.



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