Russian Cooking Class in St Petersburg

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Russian Cooking Class in St Petersburg

The Cooking Class in St Petersburg is an exciting experience of local culture, tasty food and stories of Russian cuisine.

Russia is a multicultural country with rich culinary history. There are many dishes like “Borscht” and “Shchi” which gained popularity among travelers.
Beef Stroganoff, pancakes with caviar and sauce cream, Sauerkraut with vodka – all these mouthwatering masterpieces are waiting for you on the Russian Cooking Class.

The tour starts with a hotel pickup or cruise port pickup (Please request for visa-free documents in contacts section). In a private car you will be escorted to the cooking class lab equipped for food workshops and fairs.

Russian Cooking Class starts with a host meeting and brief introduction of local traditions. The host speaks English only. She will tell you a brief history of the main Russian dishes, the origins of Vodka and the difference between Borscht and any other soup.

Together with the host you will start making Borscht or Shchi (at your preference) and taste some fine samples of fruit tinctures. You will also be able to make dumplings with farm mincemeat and vegetables.

As soon as the soup and dumplings are done you will serve the table like Russians do and try the original herbal tea. Together you will have a proper meal and talk about Russia and its history. After tour you may want to learn more about Russian history and the St Isaac’s & Peter and Paul & Savior on Blood Tour is a perfect chance to do that. The 3 cathedrals tour will give you a unique opportunity to see the history of Russian emperors, their victories and downfalls.

Cooking Class tour lasts for 2 hours and is available every day. The price is from 50$ per person

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