Coronavirus – COVID-19 Cruise Ship Risks for Wheelchair Travelers

Is Coronavirus (COVID-19) going to change the travel plans of wheelchair users?

COVID-19 Cruise Ship Risks is currently the most discussed topic on all travel forums. Because of the COVID-19 several cruise lines canceled or changed their routes.

How does COVID-19 affect wheelchair community of travelers?

According to the Hermitage Museum director – Mikhail Piotrovsky “Everyone who swears and is unhappy that Chinese tourists come to St Petersburg will be satisfied.”

Russia cancelled the majority of flights to and from China. For cruise travelers with disabilities that means almost no queues at the museum entrances and easier admission. In 2020 the Catherine Palace will be more welcoming than ever before. You will have a chance to visit all the state museums: the Hermitage Museum, the Catherine Palace, the Peterhof Palace stress-free. Accessible shore excursions in St Petersburg and Moscow are even more comfortable to book now. You can book any tour without payments in advance and pay for your tour on the spot. That means you don’t risk at all. Minivans with ramps will be available on a regular basis.

Cancellation policies are flexible and depend on each booking separately. Red Sun Tours is always in touch with each customer so you can ask directly about your case.

You are guaranteed to have a separate transfer and admission tickets on our private tours.

Useful resources:

  • If you need help with documents to stay in St Petersburg visa-free or change your bookings, please contact us
  • If you want to check the status of COVID-19 in Russia please take a look at the COVID-19 Information news.
  • Book a private wheelchair friendly transfer from and to St Petersburg port directly via Whatsapp +79112277794 or email

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