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Customized Shore Tour in St Petersburg

Customized Shore Tour in St Petersburg

Customized Shore Tour in St Petersburg

Red Sun Tours provides open itinerary tours which you can adopt entirely to your interests. Every programm is designed and approved before booking.

Customized Tour is based on the most popular tour programms in the city and include the Hermitage Museum, Peter and Paul fortress, Peterhof Fountains and Catherine Palace.

The tour also includes visa-free support, transfer and a guide if it is agreed upon your booking.

Enjoy your stay in St Petersburg!

1 day(s)
8 hours

PLEASE NOTE: According to the Russian Federation Law, all cruise ship passengers, staying in Russia for up to 72 hrs, do not need a Russian visa if they book the tour with us. We will legally provide you with an officially authorized document (Tour Ticket or Blanket Visa) which is considered a Russian visa equivalent.



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