Yusupov Palace Tours

Tours to the Grigori Rasputin chambers

Yusupov Palace remains one of the best places to see what Russian noble life was like before the revolution in 1917. Yusupovs were the richest dynasty in the Russian Empire and their family roots went deep in the medieval history.

Their heritage and treasures often overshadowed the Romanovs’ (Russian royal family).

Probably the most famous mystery which follows the Yusupovs to the day was the Grigori Rasputin’s death.

There are chambers in the Yusupov Palace where Grigori Rasputin spent his last days before being assassinated. Felix Yusupov took part in the Rasputin’s assassination 29 December 1916. Take a tour of the Yusupov Palace to learn more about that mysterious night and visit the Rasputin’s chambers.

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