Helsinki & Provoo Old Merchant town & Finnish countryside.

Helsinki & Provoo Old Merchant town & Finnish countryside.

Finland is the country famous for its advanced technology and high quality of life. Finnish composer Sibellius is worldwide known, as well as the legendary architect Eliel Saarinen, whose son – Eero Saarinen constructed St Louise city Arch and several airports in USA.  Helsinki – the capital of Finland is famous for the Nordic Jugend/modern architecture of the early 20th century. Being a part of Russian Empire for more than a hundred years, Helsinki is a multi-religious city with two dominant buildings of Lutheran and Orthodox cathedrals in the city center.

Private vehicle with the guide will take you around the city showing the most charming parts such as the embassy quarter, Rock church, Sibellius monument and more. We’ll see both main cathedrals, see the main railway station which is a unique piece of architecture. See the main street and visit the Senate Square. Learn how Helsinki was founded on the oldest square of the city center – Kauppatori – the Market Square. We’ll walk the Espalnade – the main boulevard of the city center and favorite place for local people to come for an evening walk.

After seeing the city center we will drive for 30 miles to the Finnish countryside, to admire magnificent nature and see small, cozy and very authentic old merchant town – Porvoo. We will see the historic red color storehouses along the river bank, see the early 1800-s Town Hall and walk the streets of Porvoo old town.

Guide will advise you about places to visit on your own, like restaurants, museums and interesting sites, and show you the spot, where you’ll meet the transfer vehicle to get back to the port.

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