fbpx Registration number in the Federal Register of Tour Operators of Russia № PTO 019438



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Contact us

Red Sun Tours Contacts

Contact Red Sun Tours. Tourists, business contacts and tourism partners can contact us at the locations provided below.

email : info@redsun-tours.com

tel: +7 911-22-777-94

Address: St. Petersburg, Bela Kuna str, b.1, apt 78

Red Sun Tours Co LTD

You can also book your tours and transfer on the website and we’ll contact you back immediately.

Red Sun Tours is a Russian tour operator, registered at the Federal Agency of Tourism in the Russian Federation. Our registered license number is РТО 019438.

We are licensed to provide VISA FREE shore excursions and other types of tours in Russia and guarantee you will never get late for your ship. We are professionals with the big experience in tourism and have a great skill of running shore excursions in St. Petersburg.

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