Transfer and local taxi in St Petersburg

Red Sun Tour transfer is probably the most popular tour transfer in St Petersburg. There are several price categories you can choose from to make it affordable and private.

Red Sun Tours Transfer includes several categories in destination and prices:
  • Airport Transfer
  • Cruise Port transfer for visa-free travelers
  • On-tour transfer
  • Budget local taxi
The differences between a private transfer and local taxi are:
Red Sun Tours Transfer
Airport Transfer
  1. On Red Sun Tour private transfer the driver meets you with a sign and speaks English so the communication is always easier
  2. Private transfer in St Petersburg includes waiting full time without changing the car for the return ride
  3. Private transfer on tour includes water and blankets so you can count on full comfort even is the traffic is intense.
  4. If the transfer is booked directly for the tour from the airport or port, you are met by the guide as well. We always provide the guide and the driver contacts in advance.

You can also order an hourly rent of a car or minibus, to travel on your own around the city or to the suburbs. We can arrange a guide assistance on the transfer and during hourly car rent. This always happen if you book the Get Your Guide tour, when the booking is made for timing, not for the set itinerary.

You can also book accessible transfer for disabled travelers. It is available separately and on our accessible cruise tour. The transfer includes all the necessary equipment!

Transfer for disabled
Accessible Tour Transfer
How to book local St Petersburg taxi

If you want to book transfer on budget Red Sun Tours can help with that as well!

The booking system is simple and if you booked a tour with us our service to reserve taxi will be absolutely free. Please note, we will include the cost for the transfer itself in the tour itinerary.

Second time visitors at cruise port
Cruise Port Transfer

As soon as you request the budget transfer, we contact a local company we have direct contract with and provide you with the car number and timing. Since the taxi is local, the notifications will be coming to our operator and we will manage it anyway. This is why it is safer to book even budget transfer with us – there is always a person in touch and you are never left on your own.

You can also request visa-free support separately following the link to contacts.

Take a look at the private transfer pricing ⤋

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