Matryoshka Painting Master Class

Matryoshka Painting Master Class

Russia has always been associated with three things: Matryoshka Doll, Samovars, and Russian Soul. Matryoshka Painting Master Class combines them all!

On one tour Matryoshka Painting Master Class you can experience all three of them! This unique tour combines three key aspects of Russian lifestyle: Matryoshka Doll painting, Russian tea with snacks and a soulful Russian artist who will tell you the secrets of Matryoshka making.

The tour starts with a hotel pickup up or cruise port meeting (if you are a cruise traveler). Driving to the master class studio our local guide will give you a brief overview of Russian culture and traditional holidays. You will see how vast and diverse our culture is. (For a deeper experience of Russian culture and history take a look at our tour of Catherine Palace and Peterhof Fountains )

Matryoshka tour details

As soon as you get to the studio, the artist who will teach you how to make Matryoshkas will also give you a tour of his own works of art. It is an exciting journey in the world of exotic local painting and craft. Matryoshka is only one of the Russian traditional dolls. Our country is also famous for delicate birch tree caskets, icons and cutlery.

Matryoshka painting in a rural country side

While making your own doll you will have a chance to taste Russian tea – another fun experience. Russian tea is usually a mixture of local herbs including oregano and melissa.

Finally, when you heard the story of Russian art, drank a cup of tea with traditional snacks and made your own doll, it’s time to take Matreshka home and show it to your friends and family.

This tour is excellent for family travel with children and adventure lovers.

The price of Matryoshka Painting Class depends on inclusions and this tour is available from 50$

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