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Roofs of St Petersburg Tour

Roofs of St Petersburg Tour

Roofs of St Petersburg Tour

Roofs of St Petersburg tour is an amazing experience of local modern culture. The roof touring in St Petersburg, Russia is a relatively new trend which is getting more and more popular among foreign tourists.

In the USSR roofs in St Petersburg were a usual place for leisure and partying among rock music bands. These days hipster culture brings roof touring back in fashion. Millions of visitors get there to take breathtaking pictures and post them on Instagram.

If you are interested in alternative tours of St Petersburg, book this tour because roofs is St Petersburg trademark. All the best views are captured from the roofs.

In the city center most buildings as you will notice are connected. Originally it was a way to communicate with your neighbor without going out on the streets in winter. Connected housing was also very convenient for servants who had to do the house chores.

Roofs of St Petersburg Tour details:

The tour takes about an hour, including ascenting and descenting from the roof. As a rule it is a private tour but you may also be part of a group depending on season. The roofs are 100% safe because the route we follow has protective edges and bars. The roof slope is about about 15°.

Please note, high heels and alcohol are forbidden.

Weather conditions:

On roofs it is usually more windy, please take a scarf or warm clothes. If there is a chance of rain, the tour might be delayed or canceled. The tour start time may be adjusted for the better weather conditions and views.

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The price is from 30$ per person.

1 day(s)
1,5 hours
  • This tour includes
    • Roof admission
    • Local English guide
    • Transfer to and from the Roof Tour
  • The itinerary of the tour
    • Meet your guide at the hotel reception at 11:00
    • Get to the tour meeting point in the city center
    • Go on St Petersburg Roof Tour
    • Get a transfer back to the hotel
  • Tour price includes

    Transfer service

    Roof tour admission

    Local English guide



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