Russian Banya: St Petersburg Bathhouse Experience

Russian Banya: St Petersburg Bathhouse Experience

What is Russian Banya?

Originally, banya was a wooden house with only one gap in the roof where peasants had an open fire bathing. The fire would be located in the very center so the smoke would go out of the gap. The walls were covered in soot so the main point of banya was not to get clean but to have thermal treatment.

These days banya is a very healthy and well-organized experience. The bathhouses are fresh and clean. There are multiple pools and different temperature zones. Locals visit banyas for the same reasons – to get thermal treatment but the whole process has become more diverse.

What is the Russian Banya Experience with Red Sun Tours:

We pick you up at the hotel or cruise ship in the afternoon (after banya all you want is sleep, so it is advisable to take it after 15-16 in the afternoon).

Depending on your preferences, we arrange a budget public banya on Dostoevskaya metro station or escort you to a gorgeous private banya with no other people so you will experience everything privately

Public banya

In the public banya you will go to the showers and thermal rooms in a towel. You can take honey and salt with you to rub your skin (a classic set for locals). You will also have a chance to drink herbal tea and get whacked with birch twigs.

Locals do not speak foreign languages (but you will have a same gender guide with you) and the feeling will be absolutely unforgettable – a mixture of the Imperial Russian traditions, the USSR beer and tea drinking and giant rooms full of steam and birch twigs.

Private banya

Private banya “The Polar House” is an exclusive sauna complex with modern equipment and stunning views in the middle of the pine forest.

You will visit the banya and saunas along with a guide. There will receive a full package of spa services:

  • Steam Room 16 ΠΌ2
  • Swimming pool
  • Open patio with a heating barrel
  • Private and exclusively designed living room
  • 2 Showers
  • Music and TV set
  • Barbeque

Both types of banya experience include slippers and towels.

After banya you will be escorted back to the hotel or cruise ship.

For the private option you have a chance to stay at the spa center overnight.

Enjoy the very best of Russian traditions with Red Sun Tours! Take a look at the related tours we have – Russian Folk Show Bagatitsa and Russian Ballet to get more in-depth Russian experience!

Public banya is from 60$ per person

Private banya is from 300$ per person

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