Russian Folkshow «Feel yourself Russian»

Russian Folk Show «Feel yourself Russian» is a unique traditional performance. It takes place at the Nicholas Palace in St Petersburg. It has two acts with a glass of champagne and snacks with caviar in between.

The folk show lets travelers see what traditional Russian dance is and tells a bit more about the Cossacks culture and costumes. It is perfect for a first-time visit and definitely a must-see for family travel. 

The Folk Show is also customized for cruise travelers who need to be escorted back to the ship. 

«Feel yourself Russian» show starts at 19:00 or 21:00 and it’s run all year around. You can choose any timing you like. 

What’s more, it is very affordable! 

If you want a transfer after the show, book it here. You can also book a ballet performance for the next day. Compare traditional dance with iconic ballet art. 

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