WOW! This was a great tour with an excellent guide. Elena or Lena was phenomenal and deserves a + after the excellent. Her love for her city comes through in her descriptions and all information about this fantastic city. Each one of us was so appreciative of everything that Lena, as well as Red Sun Tours provided. Well after the tour was completed and having gone on to visit other cities we all continued to speak well of our guide. Being a small group of 5 is the best way to visit, with a dedicated driver and comfortable transport van.
There was no issue about visa with preliminary plans made via Viator to Red Sun Tours in St. Petersburg. Shortly after making the reservation we received our excursion vouchers, not having the exact name as on the passport didn’t seem to be an issue. We went through immigration at the port after disembarking and Lena was waiting for us on the other side, brought us to the van and while on our way to the first destination discussed any specifics we were hoping to visit. Unfortunately the Hermitage Museum was was closed on the day we visited and so were given options. The tour included a boat ride of the Neva River and canal.
This tour was a great option for a visit to the city, was tailor made for our group, and was much less expensive than the cruise ship options. If you’re wondering how to best see St. Petersburg, do yourself a favor and just go with Red Sun.