All Highlights of St Petersburg Shore Tour - 2 Days

All Highlights of St Petersburg Shore Tour

Tour Highlights

  • Visit the Grand Cascade of Peterhof and see the famous fountains.
  • Visit Catherine Palace and the Amber Room.
  • Enjoy a tour among the legendary Faberge Eggs.
  • Take pictures inside the Church on Spilled Blood.
  • Visit the world-known Hermitage museum
  • Explore the historic center of St. Petersburg
  • Know rich history of the Imperial St.Petersburg
  • Discover opulent Metro stations

Two Day All Highlights of St Petersburg Tour is a comprehensive itinerary of all the must-see museums in St Petersburg. It includes all TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet Top 10 attractions. Among them are the Hermitage Museum, Peter and Paul Fortress, Faberge Museum, Catherine Palace, Peterhof Gardens, Our Savior on Blood Cathedral.

Day 1
Day 1

Our Two Day All Highlights tour starts with a hotel or cruise port pickup. You will be met by our guide with a Red Sun Tours or your name sign. In a comfortable mini-van or car you will drive to the Tsars’ Village.

Catherine Palace and the Amber Room in the Tsars’ Village is a true travelers’ magnet. It attracts millions of tourists from all over the world and now you have a chance to visit it as well. Catherine Palace works till late in the evening and it is advisory to visit the palace and gardens in the afternoon so you will have enough time to walk around.

As soon as we get to Peterhof, we’ll have lunch in a local restaurant (optional) before visiting the Peterhof Fountains.

Peterhof Palace and Fountains is a true Wonder of the World. You will walk in the Fountain gardens. It is a breathtaking experience.

When the Peterhof tour ends, we’ll drive to the Faberge Museum – a collection of fine jewelry and exquisite eggs embroidered with gold and diamonds. Faberge Eggs are incredibly rare and expensive. They were made as a gift to the royal Romanov family but after the 1917 revolution scattered all over the world. These days the biggest part of Faberge collection is back in St Petersburg. We highly recommend visiting it.

Day 2
Day 2

The city center tour starts with a general overview including a visit to Peter and Paul fortress. Peter and Paul Fortress is the cradle of St Petersburg. Eventually the fortress became a political prison and now it’s surrounded with multiple exciting legends.

There you will also see the Peter and Paul Cathedral. It is 122 meters high, so you can see it from almost every point in the city. The Peter and Paul Cathedral is a burial vault of the Royal Romanov family. The tour continues with a visit to Our Savior on Blood Cathedral – a fascinating example of “Russian Style” architecture. It is so unusual and attractive most pictures and postcards you buy include this gorgeous cathedral.

When the Our Savior on Blood cathedral is covered you will visit the Hermitage Museum. Going to the Hermitage in the afternoon is very comfortable, since the majority of travelers visit it in the morning. You don’t have to queue then. Hermitage is a #1 attraction in Russia. We are thrilled to show you the paintings by Leonardo Da Vinci and the famous “Danae” by Rembrandt.


  • Professional and personable English speaking guide (other languages are available at request)
  • Rich explanations and sightseeing tours
  • Comfortable private A/C vehicle
  • Admission tickets to the museums
  • Bottled water
  • Photo permissions inside museums
  • Visa support


  • Cost of lunches
  • Gratuities

The pricing and itinerary are customized for each booking individually.

Please, email us for more details.

The prices are given per person and range from USD 185

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