Visa-Free Tours in St Petersburg for cruise travelers. Advises and Helpful Tips

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Are you a cruise traveler? Then you might be interested in details on visa-free tours in St Petersburg for cruise travelers. In 2020 the demand for cruise tours is growing rapidly and many travelers are already used to such thing as a local tour operator avoiding the expensive cruise line tour offers. With the power of TripAdvisor reviews many travelers easily find the best tours avoiding any extra expenses.

What can I see in St Petersburg?

What exactly is it to expect in St Petersburg for a cruise traveler? First of all – hundreds of tourist attractions. Hermitage Museum, Catherine Palace and Peterhof Gardens, Russian Museum – they are all popular among the first time visitors. It is difficult not to get lost in all the options. Tip! Combine the sights so they match logistically. Go to the Hermitage and the cathedrals on your first day and visit the Catherine Palace and Peterhof Fountains on the second. Peter and Paul Cathedral, St Isaac’s Cathedral, Our Savior on Blood Cathedral are combined perfectly and take about 3-4 hours to cover them all. Add the Hermitage Museum on top of that and you will have a full day program with all the central sights. Catherine Palace is about 1 hour car drive from the city center and it takes about 1,5 hours to get from the Catherine Palace to Peterhof Fountains. Don’t plan any other tours that day, it might be exhausting.

Tours that might work best for your stay:

  1. Two-day All Palaces & Faberge Museum Shore Tour
  2. Two Day Shore Excursion
  3. Tour of the Hermitage Museum
  4. St Isaac’s & Peter and Paul & Savior on Blood Tour
Visa-Free Stay

You can visit Russia visa-free for 72 hours with a licensed tour operator. But you need to apply for a visa-free stay before you come at least 2 days in advance so the local tour operator you choose will be able to add you in the Port registration and meet at the terminal. You cannot leave the port without a tour operator who applied for your visa stay. Tip! Request the list of documents you need for a visa-free stay. You can do it here

Tour Prices

Tip! Be strategic about the prices on tours and transfers. The majority of tours during the high season (May – October) are more expensive than during the law season. What you can do is book a tour in advance and request for an “early bird” booking discount. You will always be offered a better price. Don’t be afraid to contact your tour operator directly. They all have WhatsApp now and the communication doesn’t take more than 5 minutes.

Can I trust local payment providers?

Yes you can (but not always with American Express card). As a matter of fact you don’t have to! Local tour operators use the same payment providers as any others at your place – PayPal, Stripe, TrustMyTravel. Russia is an exotic country but even there digital technologies are evolving. Tip! Don’t take too much cash. Credit cards are accepted almost everywhere.

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Enjoy your travel!

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